Sundsvalls Tidning, Arbetarbladet, Gefle Dagblad and serbian Sportska Centrala has signed up with Shoot It Live in February to start live publish photos to their sites.

Arbetarbladet and Gefle Dagblad live published photos for the first time during the Eurovision Song Contest in Sandviken. The photographer on location sent live photos with Shoot It Live directly to the landing page of both and

– We recently merged our photo departments as a saving project and we are now nine photographers. The biggest difference is that we now have much more to do. But with Shoot It Live, we now have a solution that provides a range of benefits. To deliver photos to the web takes now almost no time because as soon as the last photo is taken, all photos has already been published. We can, as we did during the Eurovision Song Contest, immediately publish photos to both sites at the same time and we can now offer our visitors a first-class live reporting, says Leif Jäderberg, Director of Photography, Arbetarbladet and Gefle Tidning.

Sundsvalls Tidning has quickly got started with Shoot It Live and has already live published photos to the landing page of eight times. They have been exclusively focused on local sports coverage including basketball with the Sundsvall Saints, the sports gala and hockey with Timro Vs. Modo.

– We have started live publishing with Shoot It Live to create a more vibrant website, and the reactions from our readers has been positive. At Sundsvalls Tidning, we are constantly looking for opportunities to improve ourselves and provide our visitors with even better reporting. With live publishing, we can now do an even better job, says Jan Olby, Director of Photography Sundsvall Tidning.

Sportska Centrala is the leading sports site in Serbia. With a strong focus on live reporting and sports photography. Sportska Centrala has live published photos from tennis and basketball games. Both sponsors and visitors have shown a great interest.

– We are trying to stand out from other sports sites in Serbia by focusing on really good photography. We can now take our exquisite photography a step further by offering our visitors live photo feeds. We are really pleased with Shoot It Live, says Alex Krstanovic, web manager at Sportska Centrala.

– Live publishing is no longer a buzzword but something that visitors today expect. To publish photos live to web sites has never been so fast and easy as with Shoot It Live, says Martin Levy, Founder and CEO Voogly AB.

Shoot It Live is a service intended for websites, where on-the-field photographers publish photos of current events live as they unfold, from any location with 3G coverage. Shoot It Live / Voogly AB (previously Livebloggen) was founded 2008 and is today used by Scandinavia’s largest newspapers in their online publications.

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