I found this 1940s industrial film that shows what it took to produce a modern newspaper at that time. The Minneapolis Star Journal describes production gadgets along with the explanation of how a press photographer transfered a photo from the field in only 8 minutes (1:03 into the movie). They proudly declared wirephotos as one of our modern miracles. Even in the 1940s, it was important for a press photographer to transfer photos quickly to speed up the publication.

Today it is more important than ever. With the ability to minimize deadlines and compress the process from the moment of exposure to the moment for publishing it is a huge competitive advantage to be able to send photos quicker and cheaper than the competition. We are proud to push the boundaries even further for the press photographers of the 21st century. We are confident that live publishing will become an important part of photojournalism around the globe and we are ready to serve the worlds publishers and professional photographers with the best live publishing platform possible!