When we started Shootitlive 2008, there were problems with the camera connections because of the lack of battery powered 3G routers available on the Nordic market. Since then a lot has happened and now Apple finally releasing the new iOS 4.3 for Iphone that is hopefully to launch in Febuary 2011. This update gives you the ability to use your iPhone as a WiFi Hotspot.

This is currently only available in the iOS 4.3 BETA. To activate any idevice (iPhone, iPad etc) on iOS 4.3 BETA via iTunes, you need to have UDID of your idevice registered on a developer account with Apple.

This update will certainly ease the work for many photographers as you dont need yet another gadget to carry around!

The last few weeks I also have received a lot of calls from photographers who need some assistance with connecting their WiFi transmittors. So I finally got my ass out of the wagon and made a step-by-step video for both Canon and Nikon.

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