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Research shows that coffee in some cases can prevent cancer and diabetes. At our office we drink alot, so do you like to combine your health and work while enjoying large quantities of Espresso, Café au lait or Wiener melange you should join our team. We are always looking for awesome people no matter of their field of expertise.

Front-end developer wanted

The Shootitlive Player gets more than 100 million monthly views and is regularly put on the frontpage of newspapers such as Aftonbladet and Expressen – sometimes peaking at hundreds of thousands of simultaneous viewers. The work we do is out there and very visible, which makes it a lot more exciting.

We have tons of exciting ideas – we have a product, customers, lots of traffic and we’re eager to realize all the potential that comes with those.

We’re looking for a front-end developer to work on the Shootitlive Player – a Javascript-heavy, embeddable, media player widget that anyone can put on their site – whether you’re a newspaper or a blogger.

What we offer

You’ll be working with a team of four people, a number that we’re currently looking to significantly increase.

An excellent way to get a grip on the kind of work you’d be doing is to read our blog series on the development of our media player. Check it out at

What you offer


  • … strive to do a great job and try to keep up to date with the news in web development.
  • … know Javascript and have a good grasp of jQuery, HTML5 and how to deal with browser incompatibility issues.

That’s it? Well, it’s impossible to know everything in this rapidly evolving business – that’s why we value someone who has a desire to learn over someone with a long list of technologies on their resumé

Basically, if you’re into front-end development: come to an interview. If you’re a good fit you’ll catch up with the technologies soon enough!

What then?

If you’re up for an exciting job where you get to grow, influence and try out new things, we’d love to meet you at our office in Stockholm – please contact us at and tell us about yourself.

Posted Sep 17, 2012

When applying, please provide your CV & personal letter in pdf or txt format and some pointers to projects you have worked on.