Shootitlive Founders

About Us

Shootitlive was acquired by TT News Agency in 2016 and is now a serviced offered by TT

Shootitlive is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden and was founded in the spring of 2008 by Eivind Vogel-Rödin and Martin Levy. Together they created a service intended for websites, where on-the-field photographers publish photos and video clips of current events live as they unfold, from any location with 3G coverage.

The Background
Back in 2008 Eivind worked as a professional press photographer for major Swedish Newspapers and noticed an increasing demand for quickly delivered photos to the web. To be able to meet the demand photographers had to bring a laptop and put much work into transferring photos back to the newspapers while facing the risk of missing out of the action and important shoots.

The Problem
Live reporting (live blogging/minute-by-minute reporting) was quickly adopted by mainstream media when covering all type of events. At the time there was several ways to live publish texts, but there was no way to live publish photos and video clips. Even though the newspapers had photographers on location taking great shoots, there was no way for the web editors to retrieve and publish them. The web editors usually ended up taking screen shoots of the TV (in case of broadcasted events) or was forced to use stock images. As the use of live reporting increased photographers on location became an unnecessary cost, as their photos couldn’t be used.

The Solution
With a strong belief in live publishing and it´s way to change traditional photojournalism in it´s foundation, Shootitlive is dedicated to provide publishers and professional photographers the best live publishing platform possible.

Shootitlive is a solution to live publish photos and video clips from camera to web in a couple of seconds. The live media feed can be displayed on one or several websites and will automatically be updated with new material streaming in from the camera on location.

Shootitlive is used daily by Scandinavia’s largest newspapers and picture agencies when covering big news, entertainment and sports events around the world.