Live coverage advertising

Millions of viewers are enjoying live coverage every day.
Shootitlive is the tool newspapers use to show the latest photos and videos from current events.

In Screen – Ads are only displayed when the Shootitlive player is in screen
On Screen – Live coverage is what visitors are looking at, forget banner blindness
Second Screen – While following the soccer game on the telly, visitors tune in to news sites for second screen live coverage

The Shootitlive network:

Shootitlive is used by more than 55 newspapers in northern Europe and shows 100m images and 10m videos every month.

Affärsvärlden, Aftonbladet, Allehanda, Arbetarbladet, BLT, Bohuslänningen, BT, Dagens Media, Dalademokraten, DN, DT, Ekuriren, Expressen, Fotbollskanalen, Gävle Dagblad, Hallands Nyheter, Hallands Posten, HD, Laholms Tidning, Länstidningen Östersund, Nerikes Allehanda, Norra Skåne, Norran, Ny Teknik, Skånskan, Sundsvalls Tidning, SvD, Svenskfotboll, TTELA, VK, VLT, Östersundsposten

Outside sweden:
Bergens Tidene, Budstikka, Dagbladet, Der Tagesspiegel, Ekstra bladet, Fredrikstadblad, Helsingin-Sanomat, Ilta-Sanomat, Iltalehti, Laagendalsposten, Lierposten, NRK, Politiken, Sandefjordsblad, The Times, VG

+ 20 more niched sites.

Price (SEK)



  • Overlay AD 468×60
  • AD every 5th slide 300×250


News sites use Shootitlive in its coverage to show the latest photos and videos from current events. Photos and videos are published in galleries based on tags. The galleries are embedded on news sites, where visitors get a feed of related images and videos.

As a advertiser you can choose to communicate with visitors enjoying live coverage. May it be on local sites covering Allsvenskan or on bigger sites covering Champions League or Eurovision. Almost every news worthy event is live covered somewhere and it’s up to you how specific you want to be in targeting your audience.

  • Shootitlive is a tool that publishers use to manage media galleries in real time.
  • Ads are integrated with the editorial material.
  • Visitors get a feed of relevant photos and videos from the current sporting events.
  • Galleries are embedded in different sizes depending on where it is published.


Advertiser: BetFair
Campaign: Increase signup and betting.
Target: Sports/soccer. Men 20 – 35 years
Period: November 2012
Event: Sweden – England (Soccer), The Soccer Award gala
Sites: Expressen, SvD, HD, Sydsvenskan, Sundsvalls Tidning, Fotbollskanalen/TV4, MTV, Borås Tidning, Sportnu, Allehanda.

Advertiser: Canon
Site: Expressen
Event: Euro 2012
Placement: Landing page


Advertiser: NordicBet
Site: Expressen
Event: Euro 2012
Placement: Article (live report)



World Cup qualifier SWE-GER AftonbladetThe demos below shows the overlay, periodic and preroll ad format. As it’s a demo we could choose from over 10,000 feeds and we picked the one that The Sun described as Swede it and weep with the heading Don’t mention the FOUR to the Germans!

The feed is from the Aftonbladet coverage of the Sweden – Germany World Cup qualifier soccer game in Berlin on the 17th of October.

The sidebar ad is visiblie in the sidebar which expands when the visitor hover and interact with the player. The ad is only visible in screen, and beeing just next to the content the banner blindness syndrom don’t apply here. The ad is fetched when the player expands and only then there’s an ad impression. The sidebar ad will replace the overlay and periodic ad format.
Try it below by hovering the player.

Soon to be discontinued and replaced with the sidebar ad. The overlay ad is displayed in the lower part of the player and will stay visible until the visitor close the ad or leaves the page. The ad count as one impression regardless of how many photos or videos the visitors looks at.

Soon to be discontinued and replaced with the sidebar ad. The overlay ad is displayed on every 5th slide. Every 5th slide counts as an impression.

Preroll ad that displays whenever there’s a video clip in the player. When the visitor clicks play, the preroll ad will display before the actual video clip. It’s standard VAST 2.0 preroll and compatible with all major ad providers (in the example below the ad is served via smartclip