We've been acquired by TT News Agency!

Shootitlive Founders

Our goal to empower news photographers with the ability to publish photos and videos to the web hot of the camera is getting a big boost today. In TT News Agency, we found a company that shares our vision! Together we’ll be able to extend our platform with dynamic media feeds from photographers all over the world.

So to all existing clients that have believed in us thank you for your support!
While Shootitlive will continue to work as it always has, we’re confident that you will love the new things that Shootitlive and TT News Agency will cook up together. Martin will be joining the team at TT to work with Shootitlive and business development.

We’d like to extend a special thank you to our investors, friends, previous colleagues, our families, and our partners who supported us unconditionally from the beginning.

Martin & Eivind
Founders of Shootitlive

Click here for the official press release

Martin Levy, Kerstin Pilhage, Jonas Eriksson, Eivind Vogel-Rödin
Martin Levy, Kerstin Pilhage, Jonas Eriksson, Eivind Vogel-Rödin

Live photo feeds from Eurovision song contest 2015

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 09.53.46

We’re happy to announce that there will be live photo feeds from the Eurovision Songcontest 2015 in Vienna.

All Over Press, is one of the few exclusive picture agencies allowed in the photo pool with access to the arena. With Shootitlive they will live publish photos during the opening party, semifinals and the final.

If you are interested in publishing the live photo feeds please contact pernilla@alloverpress.se at All Over Press.

All Over Press is one of the leading picture agencies in Northern Europe.
Shootitlive is used by Scandinavia’s biggest newspapers to manage live media feeds.

Pernilla Wohlin
+46 (0) 705 59 00 91

Eivind Vogel-Rödin
+46 (0) 702 21 04 60

Launching the media player marketplace


Hey there! We are really excited to launch our brand new marketplace where you’re able to sell prints straight from the Shootitlive media player.

Selling prints used to be a time consuming task. Not any more!
We handle everything from printing and shipping to customer service, freeing up your time to create!

Lot’s of photographers and newspapers have asked us for this feature!
We’re launching the marketplace in Sweden with other markets to come.
The price for visitors is between 49:- and 99:- kronors, publishers keeps 20%.

This is how it works:

  1. Visitors clicks the “Buy photo” button in the Shootitlive player
  2. Choose photos and add to cart
  3. Choose size and copies
  4. Proceed to checkout and pay with credit card. Delivery within one week

Click here to enable the “Buy button” to start monetizing and earn money by selling prints.

Signing Edda Media

We´re happy to announce that one of the leading and most innovative media groups in Norway, Edda Media will start to share live content using Shootitlive. Edda Media owns a number of Norwegian newspapers including Fredriksstad Blad, Budstikka, Sandefjords Blad, Laagendalsposten and Lierposten.

“At Edda Media we’re fond of new services. When we find things that not only are new, but also extremely useful we’re delighted. Shootitlive is of great value to the audience, and is super easy for the newsroom, the reporters and the photographers in the field.”

Tord Selmer-Nedrelid, Editorial developer at Edda Media

For Edda Media these factors have been essential to start using Shootitlive:

– Low threshold for use: Simple to use both in the field and for the newsroom to manage. There is a iphone app so that employees always have the abillity to quickly live publish media.

– Flexible: The Shootitliuve player is made in HTML5 with responsive design and scales well to all our platforms. You can send both images and video which will appear in the same gallery.

– High value for our visitors: The public expect pictures and video. We know that our audiences like picture galleries very much. Then they should get more of it.

– Fast: The news is happening now. Shootitlive allows us to cover events with pictures and video as it happens

– Crowdsourcing: Shootitlive is very good to collect images from users. Our visitors can send pictures into the system via email. It’s easy and quick to approve images before they are published.

– Compatible: Shootitlive can be combined with our existing advertising systems, and thus capitalized on.

– Track record: Although the company is new, they already have an impressive list of Newspaper customers in several countries.

– Nice People: Shootitlive are a small company with people who are very involved in the product. Eivind Vogel-Rodin is one of the founders of Shootitlive. He is both a nice guy and has worked as a press photographer. Thus, he understands our needs as a news organization.

Read more on the Edda Media development blog.

Fredriksstad Blad and Laagendalsposten kicked off their Shootitlive usage by mixing the staffed photographers material with real time content fetched from their audience during the festivities on May 17th. Budstikka started with breaking news photos and videos when houses caught fire in Billingstad, Norway.

Shootitlive and Bildbyrån disrupts the picture agency market

The business model for buying images is outdated. Charging for images individually or with limited rights of use may work for print, but is a pain for online publications.

Together with Bildbyrån we’re launching a partnership to offer live photo and video feeds for free. We’re starting with Euro2012, where anyone can embed the feeds and use in their own coverage. And we will continue offering feeds from upcoming sports, entertainment and news events.

“The concept was tested during the Ice Hockey World Championship together with five selected publications and the response was very positive,” says Joel Marklund, co-owner of Bildbyrån.

The player is ad-supported and displays ads in the lower part of the player. “In addition to get the media feeds for free, newspapers, blogs and other sites will soon also earn revenues from ads that appears”, says Martin Levy, co-founder of Shootitlive.

During Euro 2012, anyone can publish live media feeds completely free from all of Sweden’s matches.

Visit euro2012.shootitlive.com to grab the feeds.

Swedish Picture Of The Year Award 2012

Today the Swedish Picture Of The Year Award will take place in Malmö. I´m happy to say that Shootitlive is a proud sponsor and will offer a free live photo feed for press and public to publish and distribute to websites and social media.

Please, feel free to grab the embed code here and you’ll find all the nominees here.

Shootitlive goes web-tv platform

Shootitlive is usually about live media feeds with unedited photos, audio and video clips straight from the photographer’s camera to the web site. But nowadays we have users that use Shootitlive with longer, edited videos as their main web-tv platform. And just as with the live media feeds, videos play seamlessly on iPhones, Desktops and other platforms.

Shootitlive is proudly powering web-tv for customers such as Dagens Media, NyTeknik and Affärsvärlden.

“We’ve used Shootitlive as our web-tv platform since October and we’re very satisfied with the simplicity, stability and ease of use”
Peter Edhäll, CTO at Talentum

Head over to Dagens Media to catch the latest episode of DMTV where Jan Helin, Editor-in-chief at Aftonbladet is talking about the future for newspapers. Or go all geeky with Under Skalet from NyTeknik where they screw apart a Canon 500D camera piece by piece.

If you’re an existing Shootitlive user, get your popcorn out and start uploading your videos.

The Shootitlive Team

Picture Of The Year Awards

We’re proud to announce that Shootitlive is a sponsor for The Picture of the Year Awards in Sweden, Norway and Finland. We will offer a free live photo feed for press and public to publish and distribute to websites and social media.

Today the Norweigan Picture Of The Year Award will take place in Oslo. You can follow the live photo feed below and if you want to publish the feed please grab the embedcode here.

Picture of the week s02e02

How glamorous is the life of a model?
Last week, the Iltalehti photographer Pasi Liesimaa took us behind the scenes of a photo shoot with the Miss Suomi finalists.

2012-01-11 Photo: Pasi Liesimaa / Iltalehti

Anna Tallgren, Miss Suomi finalist

Picture of the week s02e01

Browsing through the pictures of the first week of the new year and realizing that this weeks “picture of the week” is a video. You were aware of you can live publish video with Shootitlive, right?

Late Sunday Sweden defeated defending-champion Russia with 1–0 in overtime to win their first title in 31 years. Through the lens of the Aftonbladet photographer Jimmy Wixtröm you could follow the Swedish hockey team celebrate it’s win in the 2012 World Junior Ice Hockey Championships.

See the entire slideshow here