What can Shootitlive do?

Good question!┬áLet’s take a little tour of Shootitlive and the features you’ll love.

Shootitlive is compatible with all publishing systems (CMS) that supports HTML mode such as Polopoly, Escenic, WordPress, Drupal, EPiServer and others. Shootitlive is brought to your audience worldwide quickly and reliably thanks to our integration with state-of-the-art Content Delivery Networks (CDN) optimized for very low latency response times.

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Photo & Video

The camera(*) connects to the Internet through Wi-Fi or 3G. The photographer decides which photos and video clips to publish by a click of a button on the camera, no need for a computer...

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The Shootitlive iPhone app lets you capture photos and videos and upload to the Shoot it live system or to any FTP or SFTP server. You can add captions, bylines and upload files in original or compressed resolution...

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Reaching your audience on any platform with the latest browsers while providing full support for legacy browsers...

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Together with our friends at Videoplaza we can offer full monetizing for your online campaigns.

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