Shootitlive for iPhone (and iPad)

The Shootitlive iPhone app lets you capture photos and videos and upload to the Shootitlive system or to any FTP or SFTP server. You can add captions, bylines and upload files in original or compressed resolution.

The Shootitlive app was developed with video in focus, as the professional cameras that supports video does not work well with 3G (huge files). It really is the perfect complement to the professional camera as it always will be in your pocket, let you write captions, has good photo quality and awesome video quality.

Download it here

– Capture video/photo or upload files from library (incl albums)- Upload to any FTP/SFTP server (save servers as bookmarks)
– 720p HD uploads (iPhone 4) over wifi & the carrier network
– Capture with compression to upload media files faster (save bandwidth & time)
– Enter byline and caption for photos (get saved as EXIF data)
– Upload several files at once (queue)
– Great tool for web-developers and to make backups of photos/videos- Upload video/photos in the background (multitasking)
– Compatible with Shootitlive live publishing system (
– Need IOS 4.1 or greater