Shootitlive ♥ Scribble

Publish your Shootitlive photos and videos to your Scribble live stream instantly from the ScribbleLive content editor!

This plugin enables you to save time by harnessing the benefits of both tools instantly – Live publish breaking news and compelling, professional photos and videos from one place instead of manually loading your Shootitlive media into the ScribbleLive tool.

And, if you’re already on a paid Shootitlive plan, this new feature is included in your service. (To upgrade your free Shootitlive plan to a paid plan, click here.)

It only takes a few moments to set up!

If you still have questions or need assistance enabling this in your ScribbleLive account, please reach out to our support team at Scribble.

We hope you take advantage of this innovative new feature.

Live-published photos and videos via Shootitlive

Live-published photos and videos via Shootitlive