Featured photographer – Jimmy Wixtröm

The award-winning photographer Jimmy Wixtröm has been working as a photojournalist since the age of 17. He started his career at the local newspaper, Karlskoga Kuriren, in Sweden. Since 2007 he has been working as a staff photographer at Scandinavia’s largest newspaper, Aftonbladet. Jimmy mainly concentrates on sports and has used Shootitlive from some of the biggest sport events in the world, including the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver and the 2011 IIHF WC in Slovakia.

What are the most challenging aspects of your job?
The sheer volume of work that I have to maintain and the pressure to maintain very high standards are really difficult parts of working for a newspaper. Deadlines are generally the most stressful part of the job.

What are the benefits with live publishing?
It’s simple and smooth. I don’t have to fuss with a computer, instead I can focus on what’s important i.e. to take good pictures at the right moment. Shootitlive makes it possible to quick and easily provide pictures for both the web and the print edition without changing my workflow or jeopardize any deadlines.

What’s your favorite live coverage moment with Shootitlive?
Well, I have a couple of them and my favorite moment is always the one I’m about to capture. But I guess I have to kill my darlings. First, is a shot of the Swedish striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic when he played his first match for AC Milan. The second is when Sidney Crossby waving the large Canadian flag after scoring the “Golden Goal” at the Vancouver Olympics. These photos were published seconds after they were captured.


Sidney Crossby

What type of equipment do you use?
I used to be a Canon snapper but I recently switched to Nikon which means a mental conflict most photographers can understand. I shoot with full frame Nikon D3 bodies, with a variety of lenses from 14mm to 600mm. To send and publish live images I’m using the Nikon WT-4 Wi-Fi transmitter together with a Cradlepoint 3G-Router (CTR-500).

How important is live publishing and minute-by-minute coverage for Aftonbladet.se?
It’s essential for our sports coverage. If Sweden plays a World Cup final the visitors expect to get the best pictures instantly. It’s my job to fill that need. With Shootitlive I have the tool to publish pictures at the same moment I captured them. It’s a major competitive advantage for me and it raises the standard of our website.

What tools of the trade does a newbie need to know?
Computers and cameras: live them, love them, know them.

How can our readers contact you in case of queries?
Well, my twitter nick is @jimmywixtrom and my website is www.wixtrom.com. I love to get honest feedback on my work!

Picture of the week S01E03-04

I didn´t give you a “pic of the week” last week so I´m obliged to give you another double post.
Ok, here it goes!

Sandviken Swedish Champions

Making the most of existing resources is something we strongly encourage. Gefle Dagblad and Arbetarbladet did just that by using live publishing in an innovate way. By allowing the photographer Britt Mattsson to simultaneously publish a live photo feed using Shootitlive to both GD.se and Arbetarbladet.se they saved time, money and resources. Yay!

Photo: Britt Mattsson / Gefle Dagblad / Arbetarbladet

The fans were torn appart by excitement as the final whistle blew and it stood clear that Sandviken was the Swedish Champions of 2011. While the ice was filled with cheering fans the Sandviken forward Chris Edlund only had eyes for his girlfriend.

Mellodifestivalen grand finale

Last weekend the grand finale of Mellodifestivalen took place in Globen, Stockholm. Having followed this week after week we finally could see all the celebs let go of their inhibitions. The Aftonbladet photographer Magnus Sandberg gave us a detailed live photo feed throughout the night as the champagne flow at the after party.

Photo: Magnus Sandberg / Aftonbladet

Danny Saucedo didn´t reach the whole way to Eurovision Song Contest in Germany. This didn´t seem to affect his mood as he was seen cracking a bottle of champagne at the after party.

Picture of the week S01E02

What a week this has been!
This week has really been serving us with a number of highlights and many amazing photos. To name a few we have Marit Bjørgen who made history by taking three WC gold medals in a row. Petter Northug completely humiliated Marcus Hellner by slowing down and crossing the finish line sideways. Petter really is an impressive athlete and a brilliant showman!

Our Finnish friends Iltalehti and Ilta-Sanomat, brought us the Miss Finland 2011 gala. Aftonbladet, Expressen and DN took us behind the scenes of Mellodifestivalen.

But this week’s picture is when Canada took their first ever men´s cross country gold medal.

Photo: Eirik Helland Urke / Dagbladet

Devon Kershaw and Alex Harvey took Canada's first World Championship gold in men's cross country. Alex Harvey sprinted down Ola Vigen Hattestad and silenced the home crowd at the finish line.

This photo was a part of Dagbladet’s Ski WC live coverage. DB.no integrated the Shootitlive json playlist to display photos (live as they were taken) in their custom-built live blog application. Using the Shootitlive API, customers can integrate the feed of photos and video clips into a custom application or a live blog application such as Coveritlive or Scribblelive.

But 99% of our customers are satisfied with using our embedded Media Player – copy & paste FTW:-)

Picture of the week

This is my first post in a series in which I each week will choose my favorite photo among all the thousands photos that has been live published via Shootitlive in the previous week. But with to many awesome photos, this first post will feature two winners instead of one.

2011-02-24 World Championship gold to Marcus Hellner, Photo: Scanpix

Marcus Hellner outclassed the international elite in the first World Cup race in sprint at the Ski World Championships in Oslo. Emil Jonsson took bronze just behind Norwegian Petter Northug who came in second place.

This photo really made my heart go boom. Sweden’s pride Marcus Hellner took gold in sprint at the Ski World Championships in Oslo. Yay!

This photo was published by Verdens Gang and their photographers will continue to live publish photos throughout the entire World Cup. Tune in to their live photo feed here.

Alexander Rybak2011-02-25 Alexander Rybak flees the scene, Photo: Magnus Liam Karlsson, Aftonbladet

Alexander Rybak became sick and had to run for the toilet during the live broadcast of the Swedish version of Dancing With The Stars. His dance partner Malin Johansson was left alone to be interviewed by the host David Hellenius.

During a live broadcast you can never be sure what might happen and this photo really proofs that. The image shows how the Norwegian pop artist Alexander Rybak felt sick and fled the scene during the Swedish version of Dancing With The Stars. You can really see his desperation as he runs off the stage.

Check out the complete Aftonbladet photo feed here.

Election Day in photos and numbers

It looks like the Election Day resulted in traffic records at several sites yesterday.
Shoot it live was used on the landing page of Aftonbladet (Super Live), SvD (Realtid), DN and VLT. Medievärlden has gone through the election sites and crowns the best here

During the Election Day, we pushed out 803 photos which generated traffic of nearly 4 TB (3,765 Gigabyte) and 233 millions requests (233,271,420)

The newspapers relied on Shoot it live for live publishing to the web (as usual) but also for transportation of hi-res photos for the paper edition. And we are very proud to have the confidence to perform such a key function of the newspaper workflow!

Royal Wedding Statistics

Shoot It Live delivered the live photo feed to The Swedish Royal Court

Shoot It Live delivered the live photo feed to The Swedish Royal Court

Shoot It Live hit a record in use during the Royal Wedding
Over 25 sites was using Shoot It Live to display live photo feeds, and most sites displayed the player on the landing page, which of course generates a lot of traffic. Our cooperation with Scanpix was a success and we hope to offer similar services in the future.

And in regards to traffic – it was huge!
We have since last Friday pushed out over 60 TB data. That’s 60.000 GigaByte data, consisting of small jpeg images with an average size of 30 KiloBytes each. At the same time we had over 1.7 billion requests (1,704,897,046 HTTP Requests)

In addition to all the photo feeds from the Royal wedding, both Aftonbladet, Politiken and Ekstra Bladet were using Shoot It Live from the World Cup in South Africa.

Videoplaza ads
Aftonbladet also ran ads in the Shoot It Live player for the first time. Since April Shoot It Live supports Videoplaza Monetizer and can show ads as preroll, mideroll or overlay. And because it’s Videoplaza, it’s smart, beautiful and outstanding. I do not know whether or not Aftonbladet or Videoplaza want to go out with statistics on ads served, but I know it was a huge amount.

Among the +25 sites that used Shoot It Live during the weekend there were sites in Germany, Finland, France, Denmark, Norway and Sweden.
See some links and screen shots below.

The Royal Wedding coverage


Shoot It Live – part of Aftonbladet's Super Live

Aftonbladet launched Super Live during the final of Melodifestivalen, where visitors were met by a new landing page with live photos, live web-TV, chat, tweets and live reporting

The Shoot It Live player, which has a customized menu for Aftonbladet, was placed in the Super Lives peak. The first photo was taken at 19:32 and the last picture from the afterparty was shot and published at 04:06 in the morning. 454 photos in total were published on Aftonbladet.se with an average delay of 34 seconds from photo moment until the photo’s publication.

– Super Live was a good case forward and I liked that (as expected) was using off-the-shelf coveritlive. I mostly liked that they pushed out the photos and texts without the need to refresh the browser, says it-personality Joakim jardenberg on his blog http://jardenberg.se

– Awesome reporting from the Globe arena! Great live TV with Josefine Sundström, Bert Karlsson and everyone else! Super fast photos, says Aftonbladet editor Jan Helin on his blog http://blogg.aftonbladet.se/janhelin

Shoot It Live likes to emphasize the Aftonbladet photographer and Årets Bild prizewinner Andreas Bardell, who used Shoot It Live from World Cup in Berlin last summer and became the first photographer in the world to publish photos of Usain Bolt’s world record in the 200m. During the Olympics in Canada Bardell and Aftonbladet.se became the first in the world to publish photos of Marit Bjørgen, Charlotte Kalla and Bjorn Ferry’s Olympic gold races.

– With Shoot It Live I can focus on doing what I do best. It gives me a great advantage against our competitors. Three times I have been the first photographer in the world to publish photos from major championships. To be able to repeat the success with my photo’s of Usain Bolt last summer, not once but twice in one day feels like I took gold in live publishing, says Andreas Bardell, Photographer at Aftonbladet.

– We are extremely happy and proud to be part of Aftonbladet’s Super Live, and all publications of live photos from world records and Olympic golds. This is another example of how Shoot It Live is being used to quickly and easily live publish photos directly to the web, said Martin Levy, Founder and CEO Voogly AB.

Shoot It Live is a service intended for websites, where on-the-field photographers publish photos of current events live as they unfold, from any location with 3G coverage. Shoot It Live / Voogly AB (previously Livebloggen) was founded 2008 and is today used by Scandinavia’s largest newspapers in their online publications.

Shoot It Live: http://www.shootitlive.com
Shoot It Live News: http://www.shootitlive.com/news
Shoot It Live Press (pictures/logos): http://www.shootitlive.com/contact

For more information, contact:

Martin LevyFounder and CEO Shoot It Live / Voogly AB
+4673-150 00 22

Voogly AB
Kungsgatan 17, Stockholm
E-mail: hello@shootitlive.com
Phone: +468 – 402 01 00

A busy weekend! #os2010 #mel2010

It has been a busy weekend in the name of live coverage.

The Olympics kicked off with the opening ceremony at 6pm on Friday evening in Vancouver, Canada. The Aftonbladet photographer Andreas Bardell live published photos during the Swedish medal hope Helena Jonssons biathlon race. Regardless of her flawless shooting she didnt hold up against her opponents and finished in twelfth place. See the pictures here.

On Saturday at 8pm it was time for the second race in the Melodifestivalen. Aftonbladet.se live published their first photo at 19:46:58 pm and didn’t stop until 02:59:33 am.
The Aftonbladet.se visitors could enjoy 193 photos throughout the evening, night and early morning with more than 70 photos straight from the after-party

GD.se and Arbetarbladet.se utilized the Shoot It Live advantage to embed the Shoot It Live player on several sites. The photographer Madelene Söderblom live published photos from Melodifestivalen straight to the landing page on both GD.se and Arbetarbladet.se

A live-picture is worth more than thousand words!

February is a busy month with many events happening, which means many events with live photo coverage. Shoot It Lives users will continue to send live photos from events such as OS, Melodifestivalen and Let’s Dance.

Det har varit en galen och händelserik helg som gått i direktpubliceringens tecken.

Ingen har väl missat att OS i Vancouver har kickat igång. Aftonbladets fotograf Andreas Bardell bevakade det svenska medaljhoppet i skidskytte Helena Jonsson och direktpublicerade bilder under hela loppet. Trots att hon var felfri i skyttet så orkade hon inte med i spåren och slutade på en tolfte plats. Se Andreas bilder här.

I lördags var det dags för den andra deltävlingen i Melodifestivalen.
Aftonbladet.se direktpublicerade sin första bild från arenan i Sandviken klockan 19:46:58 och fortsatte kontinuerligt fram till klockan 02:59:33.
Aftonbladet.se:s besökare fick ta del av hela 193 livebilder under kvällen samt från den blöta efterfesten.

GD.se och Arbetarbladet.se lät sin fotograf Madelene Söderblom utnyttja fördelarna med Shoot It Lives direktpubliceringssystem. Hon skickade bilder direkt till båda sajterna samtidigt.

En livebild säger mer än 1000 ord!

Februari är en händelserik månad vilket betyder mycket direktpublicering. Shoot It Lives användare kommer fortsätta att skicka livebilder från bland annat OS, Melodifestivalen och Let’s Dance i samma rappa tempo.

Aftonbladet, Guldbaggen


The comedian Johan Glans hosted the televised event Guldbaggen on Monday evening. Stieg Larsson’s ”Män som hatar kvinnor” got the grand slam and took home three prizes for best picture, best female actress (Naomi Rapace) and the people award for best picture. Aftonbladet covered the event with a live slide showing what was going on and behind the scenes that not was shown on TV. View the photos HERE. guldbagga

Johan Glans ledde galan där Sveriges främsta filmpris Guldbaggen delades ut på Cirkus i Stockholm i måndags kväll. Kvällens storfavorit ”Män som hatar kvinnor” fick hela tre priser. Bästa film, biopublikens pris och bästa kvinnliga huvudroll. Aftonbladet bevakade galan med ett livebildspel som gav besökarna detaljerade bilder som inte visades i TV-sändningen. Se bildspelet HÄR.

Aftonbladet – Sweden works for Haiti

Aftonbladet Haiti

Between 14-15 o’clock today Aftonbladet.se used its landing page in favor for a charity collection for victims of Haiti. The page featured a Live chat with “Doctors Without Borders”, “Shoot It Live” slideshow and webtv segments together with a counter showing how funds increased.
Aftonbladet Haiti

Mellan klockan 14-15 idag använde Aftonbladet.se sin första sida till förmån för en insamling till Haiti offer. På sidan fanns en livechatt med Läkare utan gränser, Shoot It Live bildspel och webtv inslag tillsammans med en counter som visade hur bidragen ökade.