Best live published photos of 2011

As another year comes to a close we take a look back at the best live published photos of 2011. This year there have been some truly stunning images captured around the world and we’ve rounded up our favorites among the millions of photos which has swoshed through the Shootitlive system for it’s first publication hot of the photographers cameras.

2011-11-27 Rumble of the kings, Photo: Gustav Mårtensson / Aftonbladet

The Lithuanian fighter Marius Zaromskis shocked the crowed when he knocked his opponent Bruno Carvalho to the ground with a spectacular cartweel kick.

2011-11-09 Photo: Rene Schütze / Ekstrabladet

Fierce fire consumes buildings in Løgstør, Denmark

2011-11-09 London student protest, Photo: David Bebber / The Times

Thousands of students march down London Wall as they demonstrate about tuition fees.

2011-07-24 Norweigan Massacre, Photo: Andreas Hillergren / Aftonbladet

People were overcome by emotion at the end of a memorial service at the Oslo Cathedral, which was attended by Norwegian citizens and the royal family.

2011-07-17 FIFA World Cup, Photo: Kicki Nilsson / NA

Japan became the first Asian team to win a FIFA World Cup when they won the final against the United States on a penalty shoot-out following a 2–2 tie after extra time.

2011-06-30 London on strike, Photo: Richard Pole / The Times

Up to a million workers across the UK was on strike in defense of their pensions. Riot police arrested dozens of protesters as violence broke out during pension reform protests.

2011-06-16 Royal Ascot, Photo: Richard Pole / The Times

300 years of horses, hats and high society. This years UK's annual Royal Ascot race was no exception.

2011-06-11 Sweden Rock, Photo:Cladio Berscani / Scanpix

Ozzy Osbourne headlined the Sweden Rock Festival and sprayed foam into the audience.

2011-05-04, Aurora Sky Station

The Abisko National Park is probably one of the best places in the world to find northern lights because of the cloud free sky and it's high latitude.

2011-04-29 The Royal Wedding, Photo: Marc Aspland / The Times

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, flanked by bridesmaids, watch the Royal Air Force flypast over Buckingham Palace.

2011-04-14 Danish Royal Christening, Photo: Jens Dresling / Politiken

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary with their children, during the Christening Ceremony service in Copenhagen.

2011-03-12 Mellodifestivalen, Photo: Magnus Sandberg / Aftonbladet

Danny Saucedo didn´t reach the whole way to Eurovision Song Contest in Germany. This didn´t seem to affect his mood as he was seen cracking a bottle of champagne at the after party.

2011-03-02 Ski WC, Photo: Eirik Helland Urke / Dagbladet

Devon Kershaw and Alex Harvey took Canada's first World Championship gold in men's cross country. Alex Harvey sprinted down Ola Vigen Hattestad and silenced the home crowd at the finish line.

Picture of the week S01E07

This week’s pic of the week has nothing to do with news photography but nonetheless live publishing in all it’s glory. Powered by batteries and a small wind turbine, an automated camera is placed on the roof of the Aurora Sky Station in Abisko. Every five minutes it documenting the sky over the mountain Njuolla in the Abisko National Park, giving us stunning photos of beautiful northern lights. The area is well known for it’s spectacular northern lights and if you´re interested in Aurora Borealis you’re in for a treat!

2011-05-04, Aurora Sky Station

The Abisko National Park is probably one of the best places in the world to find northern lights because of the cloud free sky and it's high latitude.

The live photo feed can be viewed at and the high quality photos are free for you to download and use in any way. Creative Commons FTW:-)

In the name of science

Throughout 2011, we will collect all the pictures and put together a time-laps movie which will extend over the entire year. We do this as a scientific investigation and we will donate the film to research.

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