Last week IFK Helsinki won their first championship in 13 years. The victory gave HIFK a 4-0 clean sweep in the final series against Espoo Blues. HIFK raced into a 3-0 win before Blues brought the scores back to 3-2. With just twenty seconds remaining HIFK scored 4-2 when Espoo had brought their goaltender off the ice.

2011-04-18 Photo: Matti Matikainen / Iltalehti

The emotions run high when it stood clear that Helsingin IFK won the SM-Liiga ice hockey championships.


The Iltalehti photographer Matti Matikainen really showed what live publishing is all about. He did not just give the viewers full match highlights he also gave them a unique insight into the celebrations afterwards. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, this live photo feed contained 264 pictures.

Emotions baby, emotions.