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The British Monarchy may seem reserved but they do know how to properly celebrate. Last Friday Prince William and Kate Middleton (now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge) made their vows to each other during their wedding ceremony at Westminster Abbey.

Looking through the +200 photos that The Times live published to their site and to their iPad app I have to admit that we’re still gripped with wedding fever here at Shootitlive HQ. The pic of the week, from The Times snapper Marc Aspland, really captured the moment and the beauty of Kate Middleton (Yeah, her sister Pippa is quite good looking as well).

20110429 Photo: Marc Aspland / The Times

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, flanked by bridesmaids, watch the Royal Air Force flypast over Buckingham Palace.

Royal live photo feed

During the wedding day a team of ten photographers live puplished pictures via Shootitlive to thetimes.co.uk and The Times Ipad edition and as the royal wedding day unfolded they created a colourful and vibrant live photo feed, from the arrival of David Beckham and fellow guests, through Prince William and Kate Middleton exchanging vows, to the royal couple driving off in an Aston Martin.

Check out the live photo feed here and please read The Times picture editor Pauls Sanders awesome article about live publishing here.

Entering UK market by signing The Times

We are extremely proud to announce that The Times have started to live publish video and photos to thetimes.co.uk and to The Times iPad edition with Shootiltive.

With Shootitlive, The Times iPad readers and thetimes.co.uk visitors will be seeing pictures live on the site, seconds after they are taken. During the Royal Wedding a team of ten photographers live published photos throughout the day.

“Not only was Friday a historic day for Prince William and Catherine Middleton, it also marks another historic day in terms of photography at The Times. This is ground-breaking technology and hasn’t been used by any other British newspaper. I know this is going to be the future of web shooting.”

Paul Sanders, Picture Editor The Times

“We are very pleased to have signed The Times as our first UK customer. The Times has led the way when it comes to cutting-edge photographic technique and by working with Shootitlive they will be continue in doing so. This also marks our first iPad app integration, which was made without any customization.”

Martin Levy, Founder and CEO Shootitlive AB

The Times is the original “Times” newspaper and have been published in the United Kingdom since 1785. The Times and its sister paper The Sunday Times are published by Times Newspapers Limited, a subsidiary of News International

Please read full press release here

Connecting Eye-Fi with Sil

Unable to save service to card.

Are you greeted by this message when attempting to connect your Eye-Fi card with Shootitlive?
I understand the frustration that can arise from this message when there’s a major deadline breathing down your neck. But gee, I have the cure for you and it’s easier than you can imagine!

To connect your Eye-Fi card to Shootitlive you have to use the built-in FTP support. Sign in to your Eye-Fi Center, click on “Add New Online Sharing Site” and select FTP. Enter your Shootitlive project as username and enter your password. What many seems to forget is that you have to provide a FTP server URL in the form ftp://hostname:port/path i.e. for Shootitlive that´s ftp://ftp.shootitlive.com (as we use standard port and dont require any path).

Ladies and gentlemen, that’s all that needs to be done!

Take control over the transmission

The big down-side with proffesional use of Eye-Fi cards is the lack of control. You can´t see if you really have a connection or which photos actually been sent (If you don´t have a computer as an intermediary). But hold on, there is ways around this.

One option is to use an app for Apple’s mobile devices called ShutterSnitch. This app receives and displays pictures wirelessly on an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. From the app you can E-mail and FTP transfer images directly from the browser.

Read more about Eye-Fi and ShutterSnitch in this Fstoppers article.

Note. The video below tells us how you have to jailbreak your idevice but with the latest iOS update you dont need a jailbreak. iOS 4.3 gives you the ability to use your idevice as a WiFi Hotspot. Read more about this in my previous post

Pocket Phojo
Another option is Pocket Phojo (if you have a Windows Mobile phone).
This will send all pictures to your mobile phone via WiFi. From the application actions can be configured so that once on the phone, the photos automatically have IPTC captions and keywords added then transmitted via email, FTP, or Secure FTP over the phone’s 3G connection. You also have the possibility to edit each image if needed, with support for cropping, resizing, levels, and sharpening.

But the biggest down-side of all still remains!
In crowded areas (e.g. Sport arenas etc.) with many radio transmitting devices in use, the Wi-Fi signal may drop. The only way around this problem is to use a cable between 3G device and camera (Wired LAN), this is only supported by Canon WFTs, Nikon WT4 preferably used with the Cradlepoint 3G router CTR-500.