Picture of the week s02e01

Browsing through the pictures of the first week of the new year and realizing that this weeks “picture of the week” is a video. You were aware of you can live publish video with Shootitlive, right?

Late Sunday Sweden defeated defending-champion Russia with 1–0 in overtime to win their first title in 31 years. Through the lens of the Aftonbladet photographer Jimmy Wixtröm you could follow the Swedish hockey team celebrate it’s win in the 2012 World Junior Ice Hockey Championships.

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Featured photographer – Jimmy Wixtröm

The award-winning photographer Jimmy Wixtröm has been working as a photojournalist since the age of 17. He started his career at the local newspaper, Karlskoga Kuriren, in Sweden. Since 2007 he has been working as a staff photographer at Scandinavia’s largest newspaper, Aftonbladet. Jimmy mainly concentrates on sports and has used Shootitlive from some of the biggest sport events in the world, including the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver and the 2011 IIHF WC in Slovakia.

What are the most challenging aspects of your job?
The sheer volume of work that I have to maintain and the pressure to maintain very high standards are really difficult parts of working for a newspaper. Deadlines are generally the most stressful part of the job.

What are the benefits with live publishing?
It’s simple and smooth. I don’t have to fuss with a computer, instead I can focus on what’s important i.e. to take good pictures at the right moment. Shootitlive makes it possible to quick and easily provide pictures for both the web and the print edition without changing my workflow or jeopardize any deadlines.

What’s your favorite live coverage moment with Shootitlive?
Well, I have a couple of them and my favorite moment is always the one I’m about to capture. But I guess I have to kill my darlings. First, is a shot of the Swedish striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic when he played his first match for AC Milan. The second is when Sidney Crossby waving the large Canadian flag after scoring the “Golden Goal” at the Vancouver Olympics. These photos were published seconds after they were captured.


Sidney Crossby

What type of equipment do you use?
I used to be a Canon snapper but I recently switched to Nikon which means a mental conflict most photographers can understand. I shoot with full frame Nikon D3 bodies, with a variety of lenses from 14mm to 600mm. To send and publish live images I’m using the Nikon WT-4 Wi-Fi transmitter together with a Cradlepoint 3G-Router (CTR-500).

How important is live publishing and minute-by-minute coverage for Aftonbladet.se?
It’s essential for our sports coverage. If Sweden plays a World Cup final the visitors expect to get the best pictures instantly. It’s my job to fill that need. With Shootitlive I have the tool to publish pictures at the same moment I captured them. It’s a major competitive advantage for me and it raises the standard of our website.

What tools of the trade does a newbie need to know?
Computers and cameras: live them, love them, know them.

How can our readers contact you in case of queries?
Well, my twitter nick is @jimmywixtrom and my website is www.wixtrom.com. I love to get honest feedback on my work!