Shootitlive and Bildbyrån disrupts the picture agency market

The business model for buying images is outdated. Charging for images individually or with limited rights of use may work for print, but is a pain for online publications.

Together with Bildbyrån we’re launching a partnership to offer live photo and video feeds for free. We’re starting with Euro2012, where anyone can embed the feeds and use in their own coverage. And we will continue offering feeds from upcoming sports, entertainment and news events.

“The concept was tested during the Ice Hockey World Championship together with five selected publications and the response was very positive,” says Joel Marklund, co-owner of Bildbyrån.

The player is ad-supported and displays ads in the lower part of the player. “In addition to get the media feeds for free, newspapers, blogs and other sites will soon also earn revenues from ads that appears”, says Martin Levy, co-founder of Shootitlive.

During Euro 2012, anyone can publish live media feeds completely free from all of Sweden’s matches.

Visit to grab the feeds.

The Swedish Picture Of The Year Award 2011

Get your popcorn out and put on your glasses, the Swedish Picture Of The Year Award are just around the corner!

Tomorrow the Swedish Picture Of The Year Award will take place in Norrköping. I for one am very much looking forward to this year’s ceremony, not only because of the amazing photos and talent being recognized, but also to meet lots of friends.

I´m happy to say that Shootitlive is a proud sponsor and will offer a free live photo feed for press and public to publish and distribute to websites and social media. Get the live photo feed here.

We will also hold a workshop in which we will focus on trends in news reporting on the web and how photographers can transfer and publish photos straight from the camera. You are very welcome to attend! If you are interested to join email:

See you tomorrow!

Even in the 1940s, it was important to transfer photos quickly

I found this 1940s industrial film that shows what it took to produce a modern newspaper at that time. The Minneapolis Star Journal describes production gadgets along with the explanation of how a press photographer transfered a photo from the field in only 8 minutes (1:03 into the movie). They proudly declared wirephotos as one of our modern miracles. Even in the 1940s, it was important for a press photographer to transfer photos quickly to speed up the publication.

Today it is more important than ever. With the ability to minimize deadlines and compress the process from the moment of exposure to the moment for publishing it is a huge competitive advantage to be able to send photos quicker and cheaper than the competition. We are proud to push the boundaries even further for the press photographers of the 21st century. We are confident that live publishing will become an important part of photojournalism around the globe and we are ready to serve the worlds publishers and professional photographers with the best live publishing platform possible!