API and 3rd party app integration

With the release of Shootitlive 2.0 we also released the ability to integrate external apps with Shootitlive by using our API.

Icemanmedia’s Openstore is a editorial image and media system, were editorial staff can browse and download photos archived by their photographers and photos from external picture agencies. Openstore have customers such as Aftonbladet, Expressen, SVT and the Swedish Police.

Openstore users can now, with a click of a button, send photos from Openstore to their feeds at Shootitlive and have the photos published on the sites within seconds. This will save newspapers a great deal of time, especially while providing live coverage of remote events with material from picture agencies.

Openstore were able to integrate with Shootitlive in just one working day. Contact us at hello@shootitlive.com if you want to integrate your app with Shootitlive.

If you don’t already have a Shootitlive account, you should request one here

Let the live publishing begin!

The Shootitlive Team

Say hello to Shootitlive 2.0

Say hello to Shootitlive 2.0 and the brand new freemium accounts
Shootitlive 1.0 was great, but Shootitlive 2.0 is awesome. The new HTML5 player allows your photos, audio and video clips to play seamlessly on iPhones, iPads and Android smartphones, as well as other mobile platforms.

Existing users can start using Shootitlive 2.0 at shootitlive.com/login

Since start we’ve received daily requests from freelancers and smaller newspapers that want to live publish photos and videos on a tight budget. We have listened to you guys and are now releasing Shootitlive freemium. So head over to shootitlive.com to request an invite (it’s free)

New awesome features

    – HTML5 player that loads faster and supports swipe, auto-size and share among many new features.
    – All users now have personal accounts (editors, photographers or admin)
    – Photographers never need to change camera settings as editor’s instead assign them to feeds
    – Extended support for video and brand new support for audio
    – Edit order of media with drag ‘n drop rearrange
    – Detailed stats over image and video views over time and for specific feeds
    – Email upload. Upload photos, videos and audios to your personal Shootitlive email address (Subject field becomes caption)
    – Monetization with prerolls and start banners. Selected users can now enable revenue participation and start earning from day one.

One media player to rule them all, one media player to find them, one media player to bring them all and in the darkness bind them…

The Shootitlive Team