Prom night is a special evening in the life of a young person, one he/she won’t soon forget. If you’re like most teens heading to the prom, you’re probably a little concerned about the dancing element. Being able to dance during a prom night is a matter of necessity and such a skill is higly valued. This is clearly shown in this weeks “pic of the week”.

20110514 Photo: Andreas Carlsson / Bohusläningen

Tips from the coach - Remember not to let your hands slip down onto the girl's backside, particularly if it's someone you're trying to impress!

Pretty for prom

The Bohusläningen photographer Andreas Carlsson live published photos and video clips during this years first prom night in Uddevalla and as you can see the dance floor was on fire.

Check out the live photo feed here and if you need tips, facts and ideas to help you prepare for prom night you might find this site useful.