We've been acquired by TT News Agency!

Shootitlive Founders

Our goal to empower news photographers with the ability to publish photos and videos to the web hot of the camera is getting a big boost today. In TT News Agency, we found a company that shares our vision! Together we’ll be able to extend our platform with dynamic media feeds from photographers all over the world.

So to all existing clients that have believed in us thank you for your support!
While Shootitlive will continue to work as it always has, we’re confident that you will love the new things that Shootitlive and TT News Agency will cook up together. Martin will be joining the team at TT to work with Shootitlive and business development.

We’d like to extend a special thank you to our investors, friends, previous colleagues, our families, and our partners who supported us unconditionally from the beginning.

Martin & Eivind
Founders of Shootitlive

Click here for the official press release

Martin Levy, Kerstin Pilhage, Jonas Eriksson, Eivind Vogel-Rödin
Martin Levy, Kerstin Pilhage, Jonas Eriksson, Eivind Vogel-Rödin

Live photo feeds from Eurovision song contest 2015

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 09.53.46

We’re happy to announce that there will be live photo feeds from the Eurovision Songcontest 2015 in Vienna.

All Over Press, is one of the few exclusive picture agencies allowed in the photo pool with access to the arena. With Shootitlive they will live publish photos during the opening party, semifinals and the final.

If you are interested in publishing the live photo feeds please contact pernilla@alloverpress.se at All Over Press.

All Over Press is one of the leading picture agencies in Northern Europe.
Shootitlive is used by Scandinavia’s biggest newspapers to manage live media feeds.

Pernilla Wohlin
+46 (0) 705 59 00 91

Eivind Vogel-Rödin
+46 (0) 702 21 04 60

Launching the media player marketplace


Hey there! We are really excited to launch our brand new marketplace where you’re able to sell prints straight from the Shootitlive media player.

Selling prints used to be a time consuming task. Not any more!
We handle everything from printing and shipping to customer service, freeing up your time to create!

Lot’s of photographers and newspapers have asked us for this feature!
We’re launching the marketplace in Sweden with other markets to come.
The price for visitors is between 49:- and 99:- kronors, publishers keeps 20%.

This is how it works:

  1. Visitors clicks the “Buy photo” button in the Shootitlive player
  2. Choose photos and add to cart
  3. Choose size and copies
  4. Proceed to checkout and pay with credit card. Delivery within one week

Click here to enable the “Buy button” to start monetizing and earn money by selling prints.

Best sport photos 2014 by Bildbyran

Bildbyrån Photo Agency is Sweden’s number one sports photo agency. Bildbyran’s photographers are internationally and nationally honoured for their skills in photography.

They have put together this amazing collection of sport photos from 2014. Enjoy!

Live-published photos and videos via Shootitlive

Check them out at http://bildbyran.se

WordPress plugin

Wordpress Shootitlive plugin

The Shootitlive WordPress Plugin makes live publishing in WordPress easy.
When creating or editing a new post in WordPress there’s a dropdown with your Shootitlive projects. Choose to displays ads, share button and if the player should be in top or bottom of your post.

The Plugin is open source and is easy to customize and extend for developers.
Checkout the plugin on github or at https://wordpress.org/plugins/shootitlive/

In this post Shootitlive is embedded with the project "sort-test", with share button enabled. The player is placed in bottom of post.

In this post Shootitlive is embedded with the project “sort-test”, with share button enabled. The player is placed in bottom of post.

The Shootitlive settings page. Where the API key and tokes goes

The Shootitlive settings page. Where the API key and tokes goes

Visitor uploads

Crowdsourcing photos and videos through Instagram and email is a popular feature of Shootitlive.

In addition you can also have a upload form, where your visitors can upload media to your site.
You can choose to have those media files go straight live into your Shootitlive player or to end up unpublished in your project (requiring a click to publish)


Have a look at how Svensk Jakt have implemented a upload box, using the Shootitlive API over at http://svenskjakt.se/jakt-prylar/lasarnas-jakter/dela-med-dig-av-din-algjakt/

Then you can head over to the Shootitlive Web Upload API Demo (and look at the source for that page)

You’re free to use anything from the “Shootitlive Web Upload API Demo” page to implement our Upload API on your own site. We recommend using the jQuery File Upload, since it has already worked out a lot of quirks related to cross-browser compatibility and CORS (i.e. submitting a POST request through XMLHttpRequest)

If you have any questions or problems, email us at support@shootitlive.com

Say hello to Shootitlive Instagram Live


You can now embed a live Instagram search using the responsive Shootitlive player.
(And as before, you can also moderate and choose what Instagrams to publish)

http://instagram.shootitlive.com is where you search and grab the embed

Shootitlive Hits 300 Million Monthly Unique Views


Shootitlive is one of those startups that has been quietly doing its thing and getting very impressive traction. In case of Shootitlive, perhaps not so quietly, as they have over 75 newspapers from Europe as their customers and their solution displays images to over 20 million monthly unique visitors. As told by @arcticstartup

Read the full article at http://www.arcticstartup.com/2013/10/11/shootitlive-hits-300-million-monthly-unique-viewers

How Shootitlive went from kick-ass demo to international breakthrough


The fascinating story of how @Shootitlive went from kick-ass demo to international expansion as told by @Pingdom

Read the full article at http://royal.pingdom.com/2013/10/01/shootitlive-kick-ass-demo/

Cross-Site Google Analytics For An Embedded Widget

A long-standing issue with Google Analytics is its problems with using cookies for storing the ID of a particular visitor across page views. This is problematic for embedded widgets that often work within an iframe, where e.g. Safari per default disallows cookies so called 3rd party cookies within iframes. A widget maker is only left with the option of injecting GA on the parent page and risk a collission with the site owner’s own GA.

We have come up with a technique for tracking widgetviews, instead of pageviews, of our widget across sites and in most modern browsers.

How we do it
Tracking a visitor is done by generating a unique clientId, i.e. a random and unique ID, that is used as a name for a particular visitor (or browser session, that is). To track views across a site this clientId must be persisted somehow. Per default GA previously stored this in a domain cookie, and there are a multitude of techniques for “passing on” this piece of information across site-borders.

The new Universal Analytics provides the ability for the developer to keep track of this clientId themselves. So, if we just had a JavaScript function that gives us a unique ID that is persisted for a viewer of our widget, across sites — we’re home.

Here it is:

To initialize GA in the widget, you make this create call instead:

In regards to user privacy I’d argue that this is better than many other solutions. We store our cookies on a single domain specific to our widget rather than shadily passing it on from domain to domain.

I’ve simplified our actual implementation of this somewhat in this post, so if you want to know more just tweet me @emilisto.

Isn’t it wrong to track people across sites?
By-passing the cross-domain policy of tracking begs for a few words on privacy. The illicit cross-domain tracking that has been much called out usually takes the form of site-owners tracking users across seemingly unrelated sites to gather and correlate data in ways the user could not foresee. Adding cross-site tracking to an embedded widget is on the other hand different in an important way: if the same widget is embedded on two different site the visitor can actually see that this is a shared piece of content and if he or she accepts being tracked on one site, tracking a single widget use across sites is analogue to tracking a user across a single site.