There is another grouping of clubs behind the Sbahn tracks at Ostbahnhof, it is usually a younger crowd, an international group and it’s a massive complex filled with lots of nightclubs and bars. Read about how sexual harassment changed for me since I moved to Germany. This next section is for you. Wineschorle- is a wine typically mixed with mineral water, but you can also try juice or lemonade. Stick to the roads Theresienstrasse and Schellellingstrasse, and you’ll find Schall & Rauch, Martini Club, Don’t Call Your Mother and Sehnsucht that I mentioned above. Sedanstraße 9, 81667 München. It receives about 1.5 million visitors per year. They succeeded, and the cocktail scene in Munich is often attributed to the rise of 50s style drinks and their gin. Franzstraße 3, 80802 München. Bibliothek Archiv There is no end to the creative mixing options, so feel free to try something different! Museumsinsel 1 (5,229.82 mi) München, gemeindefreies Gebiet 80538. If you try one of their cocktails and fall in love, they even offer cocktail courses, so you can learn to make your own. Other options at Barschwein and The Keg I mention in the post they usually fit a decent amount of people. It doesn’t look like much from the outside, but you’ll find a good time waiting for you once inside. Munich Distillers are leading the scene of local spirits with Gin, Vodka and that German rum I was talking about earlier! Die besten Restaurants, Bars, Imbisse und Cafés in Museumsinsel 1, 80538 München Über das Deutsche Museum. 1, 85609 Aschheim bei München. Tue-Thur: 6pm-2am Fri-Sat: 6pm-3am Sun-Mon: Closed Westermühlstraße 39, 80469 München. With big-name headline musicians, this event spans over two weeks and has food, bars, food stands and lots of fun merchandise and crafts. When someone cheers you, either with a beer or cocktail, it is custom to make eye contact with each person you cheers and say “Prost,” which means cheers. Address: Sonnenstraße 8, 80331 München. Parkgebühren finden, Öffnungszeiten und Parkplatzkarte aller Museumsinsel Parkplätze, Parken auf der Straße, Parkuhren, Parkscheinautomaten und private Garagen Going to wine bars in Munich can make or break your wine experience. I talked about this in my intro, but I’ll beat the dead horse, Munich’s traditional beer isn’t that great. Serving up hot fresh German wurst until 4 am on weekends you’ll stumble home with a full belly. Youll notice those tasty classic cocktail bars I mentioned such as Negroni and Barroom. Dare you try them all? This tradition was well revived, and now in the middle of July (usually the weekend around the 15th), you can start partying in Munich’s Englishergarten at the Chinese Tower in the wee hours of the morning. Trautenwolfstraße 1, 80802 München. Get your liquid nitrogen fix with their over the top cocktails served in a variety of fun ways. Not here during Oktoberfest? Beats, Bars und Beachvolleyball: Wo Ihr in München die Füße in den Sand stecken und relaxen könnt - schöne Strände. If you’re here for the Hofbraühaus you can find it at Platzl 9, 80331 München as you exit my page and enjoy your touristy time in Munich – not judging – I promise. Most beers in restaurants are about 3-5 Euros. Along with drinks they serve some flight fare, and everything comes with free popcorn(. Located in the charming MVG museum, you can explore 100s of exhibits and drink from thousands of spirits, local and international. The crowd tends to be local and the right combination of younger hipsters and middle-aged partiers. Germans and Bavarians, especially, take their drinking very seriously. The Park Cafe might be perfect for your group for dinner and some dancing after depending on the event they are hosting. Standorte Deutsches Museum Verkehrszentrum Deutsches Museum Flugwerft Schleißheim Deutsches Museum Bonn. They resident DJs keep the vibe going with the best German techno and underground music. Feldkirchner Str. As mentioned above in the summer you’ll find lots of people hanging out and enjoying the long days of summer with drinks and music. They’re a bit pretentious about their beer, and they have every right to be. Café EXPONAT, #408 von München kaffeehaus: 11 Resenzionen und 6 Fotos. Tue-Sun: 6pm-2am Sun-Mon: Closed We’re coming on a long weekend to Munich this summer. Enjoy a lively night with a younger crowd trying all new types of drinks. Take a day tip out to their cafe for lunch in the beautiful Alps, or keep an eye out for it at your local bar. This place feels like it belongs in the Melbourne cocktail scene. Öffnungszeiten Täglich 9 - 17 Uhr. With brick walls, this almost feels like a traditional wine cellar. They have lots of gourmet burger options, including veggie burgers. I hope after this you get responsibly smashed! This would be a great place to try The Duke Gin. Sun-Thur: 12pm-1am Fri-Sat: 12pm-3am You can even take your souvenir glass home! Eins, Zwei, g’suffa. This place was a running joke among my friends. Sourced locally with fresh ingredients it gives American moonshine a run for its money. Now, that is not to say that aren’t pockets and areas that are a bit sketchy or you should not take caution with your valuables. So, for beer, you would say Ein (one) Bier (beer), Bitte (please). In der Liste oder im Stadtplan findest auch du den Ort oder Service, der dich interessiert. Never fear, there’s a lot of fests for you to consider. Mon-Sun: 12pm-12am The beer in Munich requires a post of its own, but for the basics, there are 6 major breweries in Munich. Kong Club (Closed) Prielmayerstr. (Thursday and Friday). Wed-Sat: Doors at 11 pm Address: Theresienstraße 19, 80333 München. Often bars are closed on Sunday or Monday, so always check hours if you’re in town on those two days. These are the best places for kid-friendly museums in Munich: Which places provide the best museums in Munich for couples? Liqeurs: Can’t leave Germany without trying schnapps. Um unsere Webseite für Sie optimal zu gestalten und fortlaufend verbessern zu können, verwenden wir Cookies. We’re not too bothered about hard core music but somewhere where people can dance or sit and chill. If you’re on a tight budget, stop by a kiosk and buy beers for the road. Aufgetrumpft wird hier auch mit der weitläufigen Terrasse, die besonders zum legendären Sommerfest Verwandlungskunst beweist und über weitere fünf Bars verfügt. It is filled with – you guessed it- couches. Öffnungszeiten Täglich 9 - 17 Uhr. There’s lots of space so you should be just fine walking in and partying. Ordering a drink at the bar in Germany is pretty easy. While not technically located in Munich, they still brew in Bavaria, and you can find their beer at certain restaurants and craft brew stores. Don’t get in the order line again or you’ll get shouted at! Their bar signs are made from cardboard scraps, there are bikes hooked on the wall, and a whole lot of women’s bras are hanging from the ceiling. Don’t forget to pin to your favorite European or German board! Munich is a pretty laid back city, but it is a wealthy and clean city. Occamstraße 2, 80802 München. (Hint: It’s the two or three bar stools to the far left of the bar.) These are the best places for groups seeking museums in Munich: Which places provide the best museums in Munich for travelers on a budget? Just make sure you don’t see the word “sports” anywhere in there Mon-Sat: 3pm-10pm Sun: Closed The Paulaner Kapuzinerpl. Juli laden die Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin wieder für sieben Wochen jeweils donnerstags ab 19 Uhr in die Kolonnaden Bar auf der Museumsinsel.Freier Blick auf die Alte Nationalgalerie und das Neue Museum inklusive! Head over Heart Restaurant and Club or Film Casino if you want to dress up, pop bottles and be basic! If you go to any bar in Munich, you’ll often find plenty of local options for your mixed drink. Konzerte und Festivals, Party und Clubevents, Stadt- und Straßenfeste, Nachtleben und Ausgehtipps sowie zahlreiche weitere Kultur- und Freizeitveranstaltungen in und um Neubiberg am Samstag, 9. Freundeskreis Jahreskarte Spenden. Address: Museumsinsel 1, Access via Ludwigsbrücke, 80538 München. Tue-Sat: 8pm-3am Sun – closed Mon:8pm-1am With crystal clear Alpine water and the perfect temperatures for maturing whiskey, this is a top contender in the world of whiskeys. Milchstraße 17, 81667 München. It started in the very neighborhood I live in. Open to 1 am on weekends 2, 80337 München. Their bar signs are made from cardboard scraps, there are bikes hooked on the wall, and a whole lot of women’s bras are hanging from the ceiling. Now, this doesn’t mean get hammered, puke all over your travel buddies and go balls to the wall, this means drinking enough to have a great time, but usually doing so responsibly. It all looks fantastic! Thalkirchner Str. Another one of my top picks. Stick the area around Münchner Freiheit, and you’ll find the Distillers Bar and Barschwein. But there are also some great microbreweries and alternatives to the big 6 popping up in Munich, such as Giesinger, that we will go over later. There are some funky decor and a room for table fußball. The Duke was distilled by two students who had a dream to bring craft cocktail and spirits to Bavarian. Er zeigt euch die angesagtesten Bars, Münchens Pendant zum berühmten Berghain und wo man sich am besten von der Erkundungstour erholen kann! My favorite thing about this place might not be just the beer, but they also have bee colonies (which sadly didn’t make it one winter, but they were bringing them back in 2018) on site and do beer cycling tours of Munich with a local beer connoisseur. This is a true testament to try things before hating on them. Bayrischzeller Str. So, the modern day cocktail as you think of it with bitters, liquor, sugar, and a mixer are American. Super! A curious place in Munich. If you’re celebrating an event as a local or just passing through, they have a back room where you can rent a bartender for your entire party! Beer: Duh, right? I am so happy you found this helpful and that I have more knowledge than all your friends combined haha. Die Goldene Bar ist der Klassiker unter den Mixologen-Bars und ihr Gründer Klaus St. Rainer der Papst der Szene. Museumsinsel 1 80538 München. Ein anderer Weg könnte der Antigen-Schnelltest sein. Oktoberfest: If you’re an introvert, such as myself then don’t miss my Oktoberfest for Introvert’s guide. I would say there is where a lot of expats go out to party, but you’ll find a healthy mix of locals too. Most days 8pm-1am Sun: Closed It started as a way for poor working class people to enjoy a dance party, held on Sundays in summer. You can expect to find beer tents, traditional clothing and lots of merry-making locals and some tourists. The Zephyr Bar is the place to go if funky and flashy garnishes are your thing. Unterstützung. My tastes are a bit more alternative and unique, so most of my guides skip over the touristy bro bars and the major breweries, so if that’s what you’re looking for you might be disappointed. In den Räumen der Diskothek Neuraum Arnulfstraße 17, 80335 München ZOB Busbahnhof, Hackerbrücke Kosten: 40,00 EUR (Schnell-Test) Schnelltest 089 am Stachus. Burg Pappenheim, München: 177 Bewertungen - bei Tripadvisor auf Platz 64 von 3.517 von 3.517 München Restaurants; mit 4,5/5 von Reisenden bewertet. Bars gibt es ebenso viele, jede schmeißt ihre eigene Party, an jeder kennt man den und jenen Bartender, der einen animiert, noch tiefer in Glas und Portemonnaie zu gucken. Address: Gewerbestraße 1A, 83355 Grabenstätt. Most of the citizens are on constant watch for everything from Jaywalking to shoplifting. I stumbled into it six years ago while backpacking through Munich and thought I died and went to heaven. You can get double the Tollwood fun in both summer and winter Tollwood, but the summer event focuses less on the Christmas market aspect and more on the party. It’s dark and was made by monks who didn’t want to suffer through lent sober. Learn how your comment data is processed. You should know by now I’m not going to give you the touristy and basic top 40 clubs in Munich, but instead, we will dance the night away at Munich’s best nightclubs for underground music and a unique scene. This area is a mix of queer-friendly bars, nightclubs, sports bars, and craft cocktail spots. Dachauer Str. Community See All. Munich has more bars than you can drink your way through, but I’ve highlighted some of my favorite bars and dive bars in Munich for cheap, strong drinks and a wild night out. I have more guides coming soon. If you want to eat at a certain time a reservation is encouraged. Munich has some fantastic events from whiskey expos to wine tastings. Über uns Modernisierung Kontakt Jobs Presse Newsletter. If you’re in Munich in early February, don’t miss one of Europe’s best beer events in Europes best city for beer! Sun-Thur: 8pm-1am Fri-Sat: 8pm-2am

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