The sun has finally started to look out from behind the clouds after a long and harsh winter, but it´s not only the sun that spreads heat & light. Last weekend the teenage idol Justin Bieber lit hearts on fire when he gave a concert in Herning, Denmark. According to eb.dk the 12 000 “Beliebers” (Justin Bieber fans) screamed so loud after a certain Mr. Bieber that it was impossible to hear anything at all.

2011-04-01 Photo: Claus Bonnerup / Ekstra Bladet

Ekstra Bladet spoke with several fans who had queued for hours and their message was clear: We love Bieber!

Mobility is key

You were able to follow the entire spectacle from the lens of the Ekstra Bladet photographer Claus Bonnerup. With the ability to move freely (without carry around a computer, etc) Claus was totally mobile when he produced a live photo feed including photos of the fans queued up for the concert and the concert itself.

Picture of the week s01e05

The head of Sweden’s main centre-left opposition party, Mona Sahlin, resigned after a historic low election result. This weekend at the Social Democrat congress she was honored for her contributions to the party. The newly elected party leader Håkan Juholt described her with one word: courage. Twelve minutes into the tribute speech Sahlin couldn´t hold back her tears and the farewell became very emotional.

After september’s poor election result, the worst since 1914, the Social Democrats hopes for a fresh new start.

2011-03-26 Social Democrat Congress, Photo: Suvad Mrkonjic / Expressen

The resigned party leader Mona Sahlin couldn´t hide her tears at the Social Democratic congress.

This photo was part of Expressen.se ‘s live coverage of the S-Congress. During the weekend you were able to follow the latest updates via live blogging, live TV and a Shootiltive live photo feed. The live photo feed was updated continuously by five photographers on location: Suvad Mrkonjic, Martina Huber, Cornelia Nordström, Christian Örnberg and Stefan Forsell.

Picture of the week S01E03-04

I didn´t give you a “pic of the week” last week so I´m obliged to give you another double post.
Ok, here it goes!

Sandviken Swedish Champions

Making the most of existing resources is something we strongly encourage. Gefle Dagblad and Arbetarbladet did just that by using live publishing in an innovate way. By allowing the photographer Britt Mattsson to simultaneously publish a live photo feed using Shootitlive to both GD.se and Arbetarbladet.se they saved time, money and resources. Yay!

Photo: Britt Mattsson / Gefle Dagblad / Arbetarbladet

The fans were torn appart by excitement as the final whistle blew and it stood clear that Sandviken was the Swedish Champions of 2011. While the ice was filled with cheering fans the Sandviken forward Chris Edlund only had eyes for his girlfriend.

Mellodifestivalen grand finale

Last weekend the grand finale of Mellodifestivalen took place in Globen, Stockholm. Having followed this week after week we finally could see all the celebs let go of their inhibitions. The Aftonbladet photographer Magnus Sandberg gave us a detailed live photo feed throughout the night as the champagne flow at the after party.

Photo: Magnus Sandberg / Aftonbladet

Danny Saucedo didn´t reach the whole way to Eurovision Song Contest in Germany. This didn´t seem to affect his mood as he was seen cracking a bottle of champagne at the after party.

The Swedish Picture Of The Year Award 2011

Get your popcorn out and put on your glasses, the Swedish Picture Of The Year Award are just around the corner!

Tomorrow the Swedish Picture Of The Year Award will take place in Norrköping. I for one am very much looking forward to this year’s ceremony, not only because of the amazing photos and talent being recognized, but also to meet lots of friends.

I´m happy to say that Shootitlive is a proud sponsor and will offer a free live photo feed for press and public to publish and distribute to websites and social media. Get the live photo feed here.

We will also hold a workshop in which we will focus on trends in news reporting on the web and how photographers can transfer and publish photos straight from the camera. You are very welcome to attend! If you are interested to join email: hello@shootitlive.com

See you tomorrow!

Picture of the week

This is my first post in a series in which I each week will choose my favorite photo among all the thousands photos that has been live published via Shootitlive in the previous week. But with to many awesome photos, this first post will feature two winners instead of one.

2011-02-24 World Championship gold to Marcus Hellner, Photo: Scanpix

Marcus Hellner outclassed the international elite in the first World Cup race in sprint at the Ski World Championships in Oslo. Emil Jonsson took bronze just behind Norwegian Petter Northug who came in second place.

This photo really made my heart go boom. Sweden’s pride Marcus Hellner took gold in sprint at the Ski World Championships in Oslo. Yay!

This photo was published by Verdens Gang and their photographers will continue to live publish photos throughout the entire World Cup. Tune in to their live photo feed here.

Alexander Rybak2011-02-25 Alexander Rybak flees the scene, Photo: Magnus Liam Karlsson, Aftonbladet

Alexander Rybak became sick and had to run for the toilet during the live broadcast of the Swedish version of Dancing With The Stars. His dance partner Malin Johansson was left alone to be interviewed by the host David Hellenius.

During a live broadcast you can never be sure what might happen and this photo really proofs that. The image shows how the Norwegian pop artist Alexander Rybak felt sick and fled the scene during the Swedish version of Dancing With The Stars. You can really see his desperation as he runs off the stage.

Check out the complete Aftonbladet photo feed here.