Crowdsourcing photos and videos through Instagram and email is a popular feature of Shootitlive.

In addition you can also have a upload form, where your visitors can upload media to your site.
You can choose to have those media files go straight live into your Shootitlive player or to end up unpublished in your project (requiring a click to publish)


Have a look at how Svensk Jakt have implemented a upload box, using the Shootitlive API over at

Then you can head over to the Shootitlive Web Upload API Demo (and look at the source for that page)

You’re free to use anything from the “Shootitlive Web Upload API Demo” page to implement our Upload API on your own site. We recommend using the jQuery File Upload, since it has already worked out a lot of quirks related to cross-browser compatibility and CORS (i.e. submitting a POST request through XMLHttpRequest)

If you have any questions or problems, email us at